Hair Analysis

Are you interested in finding out what is your hidden story? Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA) measures the levels of 20 or more minerals in the body. You need to have adequate amounts of essential nutrient minerals in the right relationship to each other (ratios) for perfect balance. Your Hair Analysis lab report will show your imbalances, your particular trends toward certain dis-eases and even your psychological profile according to your biochemistry. It is a non-evasive medical test used to obtain diagnostic, screening and monitoring information. It is a guide for a corrective supplementation protocol and nutritional recommendations. A Hair Analysis report is important because it is needed to build a foundation for a personalized Nutritional Balancing program that will re-balance the body which has gone out of kilter. The hair test will also present a standard toxicology screen for heavy metal exposure so you will know what your toxic load is and your retests can be used to monitor the detoxification progress. The hair test will show lifestyle imbalances, dietary imbalances, your metabolic type, gland and organ activity, carbohydrate intolerance, stress patterns, trends or tendencies for various health conditions, automatic nervous system assessment, psychological/emotional assessments and even trauma.

We are living in a time of many health problems from cancer to infertility and impotence because junk food and environmental degradation is threatening our survival. Help create a better future by being an example of a healthy human being.

Nutritional Balancing

Here is a solution for great health, along with improving your mind, your body and even your spirituality. Nutritional Balancing is to help people achieve their full potential and/or to get back on track. It is a whole system pattern recognition science. It is not a diagnose-and-treat method of care where you identify symptoms and disease and then apply a set of corrections to push the system into a healthier direction. Instead Nutritional Balancing works on the whole system and as the system corrects, most symptoms and disease go away on their own because, in fact, they were simply expressions of a whole system malfunction. Nutritional balancing involves remineralizing the cells, balancing the tissue mineral levels, and thoroughly detoxifying the body. Your physical, mental and spiritual development can be optimized and maximized. Your mineral levels and their ratios determine how well your cells are functioning.

If you have a plant that is not doing well and the soil is very damaged, best to change the soil instead of fussing about trying to fix the leaves. An analogy from Dr L Wilson who wrote the book "Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis - A New Science of Energy" relates to a car. If one is stuck out in the desert and the car fan belt breaks, one might try to substitute with a trouser belt. It may well keep the car going, but it is usually far less efficient and leads to a breakdown if it is not replace with the correct part. When there are too many replacement parts and substitutes, the car becomes unsustainable and very serious problems occur.

Every person's body is unique and requires a unique assessment. If a person decides on their own to take extra vitamins, minerals or herbs or alter dosage levels it can easily spoil the entire personalized program that was designed for them. Nutrient interrelationships are complex, every vitamin and mineral affects several other vitamins and minerals in an interconnected and intricate way.


Each person is unique on the program. You might be a person who will find themselves experiencing thousands of dreams as a feedback tool as the detox works on you. If this is the case, why not create a dream diary to record your progress? If you would like assistance your dream interpretation or want your dream on the blog email it to me along with a phone call.

You also might be a person that goes through a re-tracing experience where the Nutritional Balancing program starts to bring up old memories and patterns that you might want to sort out and discuss.


Your Hair Analysis will provide a comprehensive report of information on your nutritional status, toxicological burden, energy availability and performance capability. This lab report is then used by the practitioner to develop a corrective nutritional protocol. This precise nutritional protocol will balance your essential minerals and optimize your cellular function so that you can realize your full physical, psychological and spiritual performance potential.


Is Nutritional Balancing for you? Click on this link to see who might have problems and who does best.


  • Initial Hair Mineral Analysis for Adult $200
  • Initial Hair Mineral Analysis for Child (age 0 - 16) $150
  • Hair Mineral Analysis Retest and Program Update $150
  • Pet Hair Mineral Analysis $100
  • Additional program support (in office, email, phone, counselling) $60/hr or time billed at $1,00 per minute

* Fees for hair mineral analysis include a detailed review of your results and program recommendation via phone or skype. All tests results are personally reviewed by Dr Wilson




"Human potential is the great wasted resource. Just as a light bulb has the potential to glow but cannot display its power without energy, so does the human mind always have the potential - but it cannot displacy that potential without the energy to do so." Dr Paul Eck


Disclaimer and disclosure.

Nutritional balancing is not a substitute for regular medical care. It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical. It is a means of balancing, strengthening and restoring the body chemistry. When this is done correctly, most diseases and health conditions improve and gradually heal on their own.