Two Fat Rats - from "The Dream Diary"

12/01/2015 10:44

TOXICITY releases just as a car has an oil change that clears out the debris. We too do we need to clear out the dirt and grim that is interferring with our system working properly. You can't expect a nice new model of an operating system to work properly if it is placed over an old rat infested slum. Clean out and recondition the old so it can shine and work like new.

Quote: "Our environments shape the way we see ourselves. If you have been condemned to live in an area that is pretty evidently a rat-run, then sooner or later you're gonna come to the conclusion that you're a rat." Alan Moore

Two Fat Rats

Going back to visit an old place where I use to live

I paused to chat with neighbours moving in next door

When entering my old place

I was surprised to see my daughter fast asleep on the floor


On a messy cushion turned, beside her in a chair

I spied two fat rats standing, without one little care

Frozen in time they seemed not to move

But now brought back to life, they ran off down a groove


A niece appeared and showed me her shirt

Printed on it was psychological game

She pointed strongly at the message, as if to reassert



An Analysis Viewpoint:

The call for your quest is being sounded and now is the time to heed that call. The Nutritional Balancing is a sacred quest, a spiritual journey of transformation. As you go back, retracing your steps in your past, you find the new along with the old (for example new neighbours with your old past living conditions). There are two rats whose presence is helping you break free of wasteful consumption and from them you also learn to choose your habits appropriately. Don't hold on to past toxic patterns which are no longer beneficial and don't be afraid to make a move. Rats have been accustomed to living on trash and they hold an important lesson on waste, over consumption and survival. Don't be a pack rat, instead adapt to environmental changes and a fresh new home. Wash out and down through the groove, the various toxins that have remained frozen stuck within you for such a long time.