The Silver Tongued Devil - from "The Dream Diary"

11/20/2015 08:55

Mercury is a natural element and can be found in small concentrations in various rocks. The most common way we are exposed to it is when it is used in our mouth as dental amalgam or when we eat fish that contain mercury. Exposure even in small amounts is a great danger to ourselves and even our animals. Inside the body mercury will act as a neurotoxin, harming our brain and nervous system.

"The dose makes the poison" Paracelsus


The Silver Tongued Devil

Where I walked and when I talked

If my mouth opened

A pile of fine silver was strung

Along the lining of my red tongue


Puzzled and bewildered

As to who would bestow this gift

My tongue set out to explore

Every nook, cranny and drawer


When it came upon a tooth

Whose filling had been hollowed out

The tooth fairy had applied a remedy

Against the Silver Tongued Devil - Mercury