In The Playroom - from "The Dream Diary"

12/02/2015 09:07

HAPPINESS is recorded in a dream as feedback of a person following a Nutritional Balancing program. Nutritional Balancing heals the body by increasing its energy production! The amazing healing energy that will emerge allows the body to eliminate all types of festering health conditions. In other words the power of this energy will remove the bad guys including the toxins that may be lying hidden in your first Hair Analysis report! Your second Hair Analysis report may show the hidden toxins emerging as they are leaving the body. Discipline is needed for the program, just as exercise is needed for the gym, because without this type of commitment you go nowhere fast and never become liberated and empowered towards the full potential that lays within you.

Quote: "Learning self-discipline is part of becoming more mature, and taking back control of your life." Dr Wilson


In The Playroom (awaiting the awakening)

Well behaved in the playroom

I watched 12 children

File in one by one

And from a cubicle beside

With a floor to ceiling window I could see through

There was the opportunity to record an amazing view!


With no supervision the children were happy

And this was for hours on end

It was like a daycare that was a godsend


Transferred to a car piled high for an outing

People and dogs were tightly packed in

And along the beach water's edge

One dog leapt out to bound with glee

Dragging her leash of colourful ribbons

It was made obvious, so happy was she.

An Analyst Viewpoint:

The dream showed the playroom where the restoration of the etheric blueprint of the body begins. There is a strengthening of the immune system, a mental and physical development along with a happier life of play, wisdom and grace. One becomes integrated with all the other parts (or the children) so we view a blending and cooperation, rather than opposing one another or getting in fights. When in this "playroom" which requires discipline you will create a vibrational frequency of pure energy shown in the Irish Setter dog who was given the opportunity to show us her full leaps and bounds of pure happiness. This type of energy is contagious and many will be attracted to it because in so doing, they too will experience the same deep healing that occurs through this program.