The Burning Tower - "The Dream Diary"

11/26/2015 13:40

CHANGE AND CHAOS. Fast and slow oxidation are homeostatic states and they can show the ways that a body will respond to stress. The stress might be happening within or without the body. If it is within, it could very well be nutrient deficiencies, fatique or toxicity that is taking a toll. Slow oxidation can happen when you are in an exhaustion state whereas fast oxidation can correspond to an alarm state of stress with the thyroid and adrenal glands out of balance. The Hair Analysis report might show fast oxidation as a lowered calcium and magnesium levels with elevated sodium and potassium.

Quote: "The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire." Pamela Hansford Johnson


The Burning Tower

In my building I am

But leave to see

Smoke coming from another

And people are jumping out

Flying down into the choas

Where thousands line the streets in shock and pathos


Pushing her baby carriage back

A woman walked to Eglington St., away from the attack



An Analyst Viewpoint:

You are in one building but you are noticing something going on in another. There is change and chaos occuring around you and you decide after seeing it to walk away with a woman who is protective of her child.  It would appear as if this dream is relating to another person or situation other than yourself and you have to walk outside yourself in order to see it better. Lets wait a bit and see how the pieces of the dream will fit together. It might be that the change and chaos is occuring inside you but it feels as if your body is not your body.