Open Concept - from "The Dream Diary"

11/18/2015 07:43

This dream is about taking down the walls and allowing all to come up into the open air and light so they can be seen. Your dreams communicate with you as an information channel to understand your life or your Nutritional Balancing Journey. I share these dreams so that it might enhance my service and allow me to provide a great education and guidance for others as we overcome our obstacles and find the way to living an inspiring life filled with joy.

"I find that when you open the door toward openness and transparency, a lot of people will follow you through." Kirsten Gillibrand


Open Concept - Taking Down The Walls

Suspended, the hairs lay sleeping

Like a warm comforting blanket

Over my body and soul that lay agleam

Longing for the inner eye to awaken, so that they may dream


I lived unknown, and few could know

Who was really me

Now sharing my dwelling with a family moved in

Down come the walls to my chagrin


An open-concept, open-book

Displayed for all to see

Even the bedroom trysts

Will be looked at for the understanding of their gist


An Analyst Viewpoint:

Looking for a room-mate but finding a family instead. The family remodels the apartment into open concept with no walls as a surprise to the owner. The owner realizes that all parts of her life will now come into view, including her sex life! So keep in mind, Hair Analysis with Nutritional Balancing can affect your sex life! Cadmium on the Hair Analsis lab test was high and this can be an important cause of ED or impotence in men or fibroid tumors and even painful intercourse for women. Click the link to read more;