Moving in The Right Direction - from "The Dream Diary"

12/03/2015 07:47

Nutritional Balancing is about CHANGE but not a quick fix because improving your health is a process. Sometimes it may take a year or more before nutients and minerals return towards ideal levels and toxic metals eliminated You will start to notice your vitality increases as you start to enter a state of high energy. People with this natural state of high energy have great health and a passion for life which will affect the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Most people in the world today are not really nourished and are under various kinds of stress. Our efficiency depends on being able to produce beneficial energy. Dr Eck is the person who developed the "Nutritional Balancing"program which has a methodology that identifies what is required to rebuild and restore an individual's health and vitality and each person has their own unique program. It heals the body by increasing its energy production.

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Moving in The Right Direction

There were so many things I needed to do

I was told a list would help so nothing goes askew...


But when my teeth popped out

Falling 'round and all about

An artist's brush recoloured my body

Filling in empty spaces in a balanced way

With all the lines in place and nothing to go astray


Now I'm in a busy hive

Buzzing away in a mechanic's garage

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go

Where is the bus terminal for my next road show

An Analyst Viewpoint:

Teeth popping out at the beginning of the dream can be a prelude to describe how you are ready for "a change and transition." The recolouring of your body represents a reworking of your Hair Analysis chart so all lines of the graphs are coming into balance and with the mechanic's buzzing garage. A story is being told of the tuning up of your car and/or body as you recondition yourself through the Nutritional Balancing program. Your body is going through a change and transition. Your body is on the move inside and out as you head off to the bus terminal with your packed bags.