A Lost Sheep - from "The Dream Diary"

11/17/2015 08:27

During a Nutritional Balancing program dreams often occur as part of a reaction to the healing process. Emotional and psychological healing reactions are very interesting and can act as a guide to self-understanding. The dreams can show a person's experience and/or past traumas.

Quote:  "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction." John F Kennedy



A Lost Sheep

In a maze I wandered

On the outskirts of town

Having left sister and child

At a picnic table in the park

Trying to find a way in the dark


Then I saw a sheep

Going down an empty highway

With a shepherd running behind

So the sheep would not walk blind

An Analyst Viewpoint:

Nutritional Balancing is a carefully developed science to affect deep healing and has progressed over years of research from the Hair Analysis readings of thousands of people. It is not a path to follow on your own. It was established by Dr Paul Eck over fourty five years ago and has continued on by Dr Laurence Wilson M.D who worked alongside of Dr Eck for thirty years. It is important to follow the recommendations of Dr Wilson and be under the direction of one of his nutritionist practitioners.Safety is important. The products that are used are safe whether they are selected vitamin, minerals or amino acids etc. There are no drugs or hormones. Nutrients are not "forced" into the body (such as with intravenous), nor toxicity forced out of the body (such as through chelation). With continual monitoring Hair Analysis tests will make sure you are on the right track. Nutritional Balancing has the ability to correct many different chronic imbalances and the benefits of being under the direction of a skilled practitioner is that you will not loose your way in a very complicated maze of the ups and downs of your biochemistry and eventually you will reach the total unfolding of your potential at all levels of development.