Fragility - from "The Dream Diary"

11/24/2015 12:01

FRAGILITY. "An intimate relationship exists between nutritional imbalances and psychological or behavioral symptoms and conditions. This is sometimes called the body-mind connection. Hair tissue mineral analysis, when performed and interpreted correctly, illustrates this close connection. It can also indicate causes and corrective action needed in most case of mental and emotional  illness."



I attended tea at a relative's home

Brim-filled with antiques and valuable stuff

Down it fell as I passed by

What was it?

A sensitive ego, a calcium shell, was it worse for wear

So I made a sign to place beside

For others to know of the state of affairs


Then low and behold a restaurant was born

Beside their old homestead which it was made to adorn

An Analyst Viewpoint:

It is difficult to make your way through your relative's house as it is crammed pack with older individuals, delicate antiques and fragile egos. You feel as if you are walking on eggs. The making and placing of a sign helps to open a new vision for many, and the changes that follow are for the best, although benefits may not initially be recognized. The dream is about fragility and how making a change through a transition into a new nutritional program and restaurant that will bring a fresh outlook and perspective. This new perspective and unexpected views will help you to discern the hidden messages and implications of others' words.