Excitement In The Air - from "The Dream Diary"

12/04/2015 11:36

There is a lot of ACTION on inside you during the night as you sleep while you are doing the \nutritional Balancing program. Usually but not always, dreams will occur. If you dream it will usually about you or people relating to you and your life. If you are on a Nutritional Balancing program your inner world of dreams can start to get churned up as your body and mind undergo a transformation.  Dreams can be a form of guidance and deeper understandings for you to contemplate. drlwilson.com/ARTICLES/DREAMS.htm    

Quote:  "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in"  Jim Rohn


Excitement in The Air

Everyone is running around

Preparing for a party in the house

Trucks unload down the street

'cause the garage is full and complete


Two live cows are being prepared for roasting

Squirming on a table as their skins are taken off

Eyes open wide blinking, bracing at the bit

Trying to budge forward, towards the exit


The washroom is being cleaned

With plentiful greenery as a finishing touch

While the indoor barbecue firepit

Is arranged with long spokes to insert and fit


An Analyst Viewpoint:

In your dream there is lots of hustle, bustle, action and excitement occuring within your house/body as you are doing the Nutritional Balancing regime. It is as if you are preparing for a celebration. Shifting from being a vegetarian to a meat eater appears to be on your mind as shown in your dream with the concern for the cows. Plentiful greenery (in the washroom) has now been added to your diet and the long spokes that can be inserted into the firepit represent the tubing attached to your coffee enemas that to help boost the liver and flush away or burn up all the toxins.