Dance Like a Butterfly - from "The Dream Diary"

11/23/2015 12:48

A NEW KIND OF PROTECTION. We often put up barriers to protect us and this will show in hair analysis. One such barrier is called a "calcium wall or calcium shell" and it is not very good for the health. The Dance Like a Butterfly dream shows a new way of protection instead of an old coat of armor.

1.What is "Retracing"? Retracing is a specific type of deep healing that fully restores the anatomy and physiology of a part of the body. In this case long-forgotten memories surface during the Nutritional Balancing program and the healing reactions are usually mild and pass quickly. This "Retracing" is an important and essential aspect of the Nutritional Balancing Science. For more info please click on:


Prelude: Far-away family comes for a visit. One member is writing a book on rape. This triggers the dream that follows....

Dance Like A Butterfly - Sting Like A Bee

I was looking for a man

But he became, a foggy director of a play

So I sat front row center with two women of zen

Who would take a break every now and again....


Then a lady from the door emerged

Out where men make hay

She became a butterfly that pranced and danced for all to see

But if oppression arose, she would or could sting like a bee


An Analyst Viewpoint:

2. Addressing brain fogginess: A woman on the Nutritional Balancing program has a dream. In the dream, brain fogginess is shown in the director and is a common mental and emotional symptom describing long-forgotten memories, traumas or incidents from the past. With Nutritional Balancing, changes in brain chemistry can show up with more and more mental clarity occuring as the processing and shifting takes place in the central nervous system. An entire realignment of a person's being and personality integrates in a better overall way. In general, the body will not undertake a healing reaction unless it can see it through. The dream in this case shows the way of how to deal with oppression = dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

3. Armoring: Many people subconsciously develop shields of armor that they feel will protect them, whether in relationships, job interviews, career or day to day living. In this case the Hair Analysis report of the individual shows a "wall of calcium" or a "calcium shell" which is used as a protective coat of armor. This armor is in the process of coming down through Nutritional Balancing and as the wall of armor crumbles, this person sees another solution to protect themselves instead of the wall, so they won't feel so vulnerable.  Wilhelm Reich a psychoanalyst developed the name "armoring" as a reference to a person's unique coping methods that they would use to protect oneself from various assaults in every day life. (see link below)

4. Solution to armoring according to the dream: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see". The quote is by the famous boxer, Muhammad Ali. All creatures on earth have their own unique defense mechanism. From jumping fish that fly over water to shocking electric eels. Sharks can outsmart others by using a keen intellect and their senses along with their cunning, speed and strength. Sometimes their best defense is a good offense and they will surprise and sneak up from underneath to slam, bite, disorient or tear the other apart. The dream showed that one can resist and defend in other ways than the calcium wall of armor that the woman is in the process of dismantling. Whether it is intimidation tactics, or the battle to belittle and take over a mind, soul or body does not have to be a victim nor does one have to resort to hiding under a coat of calcium armor. We are all unique and have our own strengths. We need to unfold these and keep our brain and wits sharp, so that we will find and develop our own style of dance to protect us and hopefully it will not be armor.

Some examples on how to protect without resorting to a Calcium Shell or Wall for protection:

1. SEEING ENERGY - One individual declares that he has trained himself to see the energy of a person. This is a type of clairvoyance or psychic perception. From that type of awareness he can drift away if he so chooses.

2. THE VOICE - Another person who spends a lot of time on the phone can tell by the sound of a person's voice if there is something a little off.

3. VISIONS - A woman had a man showering in her washroom. The door had been left ajar and she could see in. To her amazement she saw two people of different heights behind a steamy shower curtain (which she assumed was a male and female) while the man in question appeared to be washing his hands at the sink. She had noticed the female behind the shower curtain slipping downward and when she reached the bottom there was a pool of blood, so when the man in question emerged from the washroom toward her and suddenly pulled out a knife, she was prepared. She pushed him back and ran like a horse.

4. SMELL - Some people have developed the ability to smell a rat. Rats are very intuitive with senses that are more developed than humans and that is why they are used by miners in a mine. They smell and hear danger long before humans.

5. EMPATHS - Empaths have a deep sense of knowing because they have sensitivity to others. They are very observant of others and look at such things as eye movements, body language, words and are able to utilize a complete communication package. They can often hear your thoughts before you speak them. They are able to sense and pick up vibrations.


The Nutritional Balancing program helps to develop the body into an instrument of amazing sensitivity. This type of fine-tuning is a gift that can be use in many ways but it takes work to develop this gift. When you come back into balance and remove the toxicity, your body and your senses can operate at its peak.

"Nutritional balancing as counter-trauma.  Some people tell me that a complete nutritional balancing program is a type of counter-trauma.  This is an interesting psychological way to help reverse a trauma.

While it may sound strange, a nutritional balancing program is a type of “surrender” or offering of oneself to a force greater than oneself, but it is a totally benign force.

If one continues the program, it moves a person in a completely new and exciting direction of deeper healing of one’s entire life.  This is, indeed, unusual and can even feel a little traumatic, which is why I call it a counter-trauma." Dr Wilson

links on body armor: