A New View of An Old Homestead - from "The Dream Diary"

12/07/2015 09:52

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Returning Home - A New View of An Old Homestead

My house was sold

And now I was returning back

To meet a foreign family living there

My suggestions for furniture placements were not ignored

Along with where bells could be placed, for advanced notice of visitors


And while looking at cabinets

Eye glasses fell off my face

Hearing the glass tinkle and break

I searched for them, but gave up to forsake


In the meantime...

My viewpoint expanded to see afar

Out into the landscape, way down the road, into picture perfect views 

Each roadway a different colour shimmering in the breeze 

Sheep beautifully arranged with cows munching under trees


An Analyst Viewpoint:

According to your dream you are returning back to take a look at your old house (your body). There has been some changes (since you are on the Nutritional Balancing program), along with a new family living there. Your glasses break and you notice that you have incredible eyesight now. You can see way off into the distance. The views are beautiful and the colours gorgeous. You are amazed at seeing these views in such detail as you had never seen them before when you lived at the house, it is only now upon your return.