A Bump On A Lump - from "The Dream Diary"

11/29/2015 07:56

RELEASING INFECTION. In the waking world, I saw someone just hit down by a car. Getting up he walked to the sidewalk, covered his face with his hands as others inquired if he was all right. Saying nothing he found his way to some steps and sat down. I sat beside him. We stared at each other not saying a word. I saw some scrape-like bruses on either side of head, a cut under his chin and his mouth was just starting to ooze blood. He asked what he looked like. Others were calling for an ambulance and he walked away.....

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not." Dr Seuss

A Bump On A Lump

The things you find

When your ready to leave them behind

Make themselves known

Like the bump on my arm that lumped

In a closed sac, waiting to dump

An infected ball filled with pus

Transferred to a cat so I wouldn't be in a fuss

But the dam burst and oozed in a puddle

As the cat rolled around in quite a fundle

Finally out the mouth it flowed and flowed

The vomit of a toad in a state of explode

An Analyst Viewpoint:

An abscessed cyst is preventable to the extent the underlying cause is preventable. This dream shows you have been taken by surprise and are moving between cycles and worlds. Your old ways (caught you off-guard like a bang on the head) as you go through changes which can be intense, but if you focus on one thing in your life that is infected and needs improvement and put a lot of care towards it... it will start to release its toxicity. Have you put thought about what is no longer beneficial for you, because releasing the old to make way for the new requires great thought and action. You are between the times of dusk and dawn where there is a thinning of the veil into your cycle of life. Unpleasantness and frustration are starting to pass with brighter things on  their way. Mourn/rejoice on the release of what has passed and it will awaken you to the promise of a new future. Just don't get locked into repeating your same old ways.