The Hair Analyst

Hair Analysis and Nutritonal Balancing is a total healing system.
Hair Analysis provides feedback with a personalized blueprint of what is happening in your body. It shows the mineral blueprint of your chemistry. Nutritional balancing is a formula and program for anyone who wants to know about and improve their health. the package includes lab results and a dietary protocol based on the lab results and includes lifestyle and detoxification shifts.
Our health is being threatened by toxic metals, exotic contaminants and deficiencies of vital minerals and vitamins. Dis-ease occurs when the system is clogged up, deficient or out of balance. Find out now because when the system is brought back into balance dis-ease disappears.
Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing (based on your Hair Analysis) - is a sophisticated, integrated system for healing the body at very deep levels. It depends on a proper diet, lifestyle, detox and certain supplements.
YOUR HAIR ANALYSIS LAB REPORT is a mineral biopsy of the body and is completely different than blood and urine tests. It screens 20 minerals and identifies toxic metals. It provides a blueprint of your biochemistry, metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar/carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity. Minerals are like sparkplugs and have a lot to do with the functioning of the body - imbalances helps one learn about causes and correction of hundreds of physical and mental health conditions.

A WHOLE SYSTEM emphasis helps the whole body function optimally. The science is based on remineralization of the body, balancing oxidation rates and sodium potassium ratios so symptoms will go away on their own.....
DETOXIFICATION involves various components including near infrared sauna therapy to eliminate toxic metals/chemicals and infections. This inhibits the sympathetic nervous system and helps the body relax, heal and regenerate.
SUPPLEMENTARY NUTRIENTS are usually required because of each person's unique circumstance/biochemistry along with soil depletion, food processing, pesticides, herbicides...etc
DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS will be guided by your Hair Analysis report as it shows among other things how you are metabolizing food.
THE PSYCHOLOGY OF YOUR APPROACH to life, your attitudes, emotions and such will show in your Hair Analysis report. The system of Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing has a powerful effect on most physical, mental and emotional conditions.
THE ORIENTAL PHILOSOPHY OF THE MERIDIANS (and accupuncture) is the science that is closest to Nutritional Balancing for both rely on the Yin/Yang balance which includes the physical, psychological and mental aspects of health.


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UNCOVER YOUR HIDDEN STORY - Your hair shares the secrets of what is going on inside of you - relating to health, well-being, thinking patterns and behaviour. From this, a personalized program can be developed. The Hair Analysis laboratory report brings to light mineral imbalances and toxicity occuring within you. Learn about your personal vulnerabilities and take preventative measures. The program was developed by Dr Paul Eck, while Dr L Wilson continues to advance this work. Look at your whole story and not just part of it, in order to correct and bring the entire metabolic milieu into proper balance and optimum functioning. Click here for more info on this work.

"Minerals have interrelationships with every other nutrient. Without optimum mineral levels within the body, the other nutrients are not effectively utilized." Dr Emanual Cheraskin - Diet and Disease.                

HOLISTIC - Your body is a self-regulating system that is a whole unit which can heal itself if given the right conditions. The Nutritional Balancing program addresses the whole and not just the parts. It is a lifestyle with nutrition, structural corrections, colon cleansing, meditation, mind/body connections, spiritual development along with an understanding of the power of loving relationships. Nutritional Balancing does not give haphazard treatments for individual dysfunctions or parts, but rather endeavours to treat the whole pattern, so health becomes restored to the whole person - not just to a part of the person. The whole story needs attention, not just the symptoms, because all parts of the body need to work together as a team that is in harmony for results to occur.

TOXIC ENVIRONMENT - We are living in a mineral-deficient, and at times, an extremely unhealthy environment with a tainted food supply, toxic metals and chemicals in the air, water and soil. These are up to 1000 times higher than ever before in recorded history. Nutritional Balancing will help you navigate through these times and keep you in shape..

THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING - You can confirm for yourself the results of your Nutritional Balancing program with a re-test Hair Analysis. Sometimes it takes several re-tests and re-balancing before all old matter is brought to the surface and eliminated. Many people report serious infections in jawbones disappear, some have 98% of grey hair disappear, suicidal thoughts vanish, extra weight drops off, osteoporosis is released and even the trauma of rape effects can be reversed, to name just a few benefits.

I work under the direction of Lawrence Wilson MD who has used hair tissue mineral analysis for more than 30 years and has reviewed over 50,000 hair tests. He learned from Dr. Paul C Eck, a brilliant biochemist and founder of Analytical Research Laboratories.

CONDITIONS - Hair Analysis shows trends or tendencies for 50 or so conditions. These are detected and monitored easily, inexpensively and without the need for any invasive procedures. Illness often develops slowly and insidiously, and sometimes symptoms only occur in the last stages. This happens because the body compensates and adapts as it becomes ill, but there comes a point when the body can no longer continue to adapt to its nutritional imbalances. Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing is your answer for it identifies and corrects most latent and sub-clinical health conditions (including emotional imbalances) as they lay hidden in your body. Hair Analysis gives you a heads up on what needs to be addressed before you have a full-blown case of dis-ease.

A BALANCING ACT - Nutritional Balanacing involves a subtle and complex balancing act of the minerals. This coordinated symphany becomes a masterpiece. It is a beautifully unified and integrated approach which is far safer than most symptomatic approaches. Balance is the key to health. For instance there are some who have not studied Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing and will attempt to correct a "defender"....say, "if zinc is low, they will give zinc...This is called "Replacement Therapy" and it doesn't work well. In fact, attempting to correct a defending level often makes the patient worse, as Dr Eck discovered on himself and others. The reason is that the body's normal homeostatic mechanisms will resist every effort to alter the defending mineral" from the book "Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis" by Dr Wilson

THE INNER TERRAIN - Cells and organisms depend on the terrain or inner environment in which they live. In order to thrive the inner terrain must be free of toxins, have the correct nutrition along with good mental and emotional health. This is exactly what Nutritional Balancing does.

PERSONALITY (MENTAL/EMOTIONAL) DEVELOPMENT - Nutritional balancing directly addresses the causes of mental illness, depression, ADHD, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar, panic attack and much more. It is as if a layer lifts off and you can now think and be a person with much more clarity. Your dreams come alive as the brain and nervous system function better, and there is a total unfolding so that the personality can integrate into "self-actualization" and full potential.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT - Nutritional balancing is one of the few methods specifically aimed at opening the body's energy channels and subtle energy fields.

ANTI-AGING - The Global Anti-Aging Products Market, 2015 - 2019 research report, highlights increasing demand for natural organic ingredients as a major trend. Hair Analysis steps up to the plate with the ability to measure what you have been ingesting and how it is affecting you, while Nutritional Balancing can keep you in a balanced status of chemistry for optimum functioning. The re-tests of your hair will show the presence or absence of essential nutrients, minerals and specific toxicities. This program will curb or reverse the signs of stress and aging. The anti-aging market has expanded expondentially with diverse consumer concerns on how to address wrinkles, dry skin, age spots, dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin tone colouring and uses many products to put on the body. Nutritional Balancing addresses the issues from inside the body. With Hair Analysis identifying concerns at the early stage. Conditions associated with aging can be largely preventable by making healthy lifestyle changes. For example if your Hair Analysis shows your parasympathic nervous system is depressed, then there is an inability for even supplements to work optimally. The Nutritional Balancing program repairs from the inside out, for that is from where true beauty and health is reflected. At the root of optimum health is mineral balance - and the amount of each element needs to be precise. It is well known that plants trying to live in mineral deficient or imbalanced soil will not thrive or look good, rather they become fodder for the insects etc. We are no different.

Disclaimer and disclosure. All information on this website is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition. Nutritional balancing is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, metal or physical, real or imaginary. Instead, it is a means of balancing, strengthening and restoring the body chemistry. When this is done, many health conditions improve on their own.


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